Floaters look like small specks, dots, circles, lines or cobwebs in your field of vision. While they seem to be in front of your eye, they are actually floating inside. Floaters are tiny clumps of gel or cells inside the vitreous that fills your eye. What you see are the shadows these clumps cast on your retina.

Eye Floaters Symptoms:

Most floaters and flashes are not a problem; however, there are signs that can be serious. Here is when you should call an ophthalmologist right away:

  • you notice a lot of new floaters
  • you have a lot of flashes
  • a shadow appears in your periphery (side vision)

Eye Floaters Causes:

Floaters usually happen with posterior vitreous detachment. You are more likely to get floaters if you:

  • are nearsighted (you need glasses to see far away)
  • have had cataract surgery
  • have had inflammation (swelling) inside the eye


Eye Floaters Treatments:

Floaters usually happen with posterior vitreous detachment. They are not serious, and they tend to fade or go away over time. They seldom need treatment or surgery.

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